Watch: Guitar.com takes a deep dive into all the tones of Fender’s Mustang Micro

We check out all the big tones this tiny pocket amp has to offer.

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Fender’s Mustang Micro is the brand’s smallest amplifier yet and could be the perfect practice companion. In this Guitar.com’s deep dive video, we check out all the bijou amplifier has to offer, from springy surf rock twang to saucy classic rock bite.

The Mustang Micro offers 12 amps and effects each, an adjustable input jack, 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB-C connector for direct recording and a rugged matte black enclosure.

The device offers its tones through a variety of presets for selecting Amp, EQ and Effects – the last of which can be further adjusted with a Modify parameter.

See a breakdown of the amps and effects below:


  1. ’65 Twin + Compressor (Inspired by the Fender Twin Reverb)
  2. ’65 Deluxe (Inspired by the Fender Deluxe)
  3. ’57 Twin (Inspired by the Fender Twin)
  4. ’60s British (Inspired by the Vox AC30)
  5. ’65 Deluxe + Greenbox OD (Inspired by Fender Deluxe + Ibanez Tube Screamer)
  6. ’70s British (Inspired by the Marshall Super Lead)
  7. ’90s American (Inspired by the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier)
  8. BB15 High-Gain (Inspired by the Fender Bluesbreaker)
  9. FBE-100 (Inspired by the Friedman BE-100)
  10. Metal (Inspired by the EVH 5150 III)
  11. Uber (Inspired by the Bogner Uberschall)
  12. Studio Preamp (Uncoloured and ideal for direct recording)


  1. Large Hall
  2. ’65 Fender spring reverb
  3. Modulated large Hall reverb
  4. Sine chorus + large room reverb
  5. Triangle flanger + large room reverb
  6. Vintage tremolo + spring reverb
  7. Vibratone + large room reverb
  8. Harmonic tremolo + large room reverb
  9. Slapback delay + large room reverb
  10. Tape delay + small room reverb
  11. Sine chorus + mono delay + large hall reverb
  12. 2290 delay + large room reverb

In Guitar.com’s 9/10 review of the Fender Mustang Micro, we said: “As a no-fuss home practice tool, beginner amp, travel rig, or even an emergency pedalboard amp, there’s no reason why all of us shouldn’t have one of these stowed away in our gigbags.”

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