DryBell announces its latest pedal preamp, the Engine

Aimed at that 60’s touch-sensitive drive sound.

DryBell's The Engine
Image: Drybell

Pedal manufacturer DryBell has announced its latest pedal-sized preamp, entitled The Engine. It’s inspired by the brand’s love for “60’s non-master-volume amplifiers.”

The unit features two sections, each with a fully-analogue signal path and an independent footswitch. Both sides aim for a very touch-sensitive sound, meaning that the harder you pick, the more dirt the unit kicks out.

However, for finer control of the pedal’s response there is an extensive set of controls on offer. Side A sports Level, Gain, Tone and Shape knobs , with Tone managing the treble side of things, and Shape adjusting the midrange character instead.

Side B is more in the tradition of treble boosters such as the Rangemaster. A Range control to target specific midrange frequencies, while the Level control allows for a high-headroom clean boost thanks to the internal high-voltage transformer. There’s also a two-band EQ for side B, with a knob for lows and highs respectively.

In the centre of the pedal is where you can blend the two sounds, with an ‘Order’ control stacking the two sides differently, running B into A or A into B.

Here the pedal in action with DryBell’s demo below:

The pedal is available for $299. Find out more at drybell.com. For more gear news, click here.