Electro-Harmonix gets wobbly with the Eddy, a bucket-brigade vibrato and chorus pedal

The compact pedal offers a full range of adjustable parameters, plus expression control to boot.

Electro-Harmonix has launched its latest modulation stompbox, the Eddy, a wobbly vibrato and chorus pedal with deep parameter controls and a fully analogue signal path.

The Eddy equips a bucket-brigade circuit, which sends signals through a series of successive capacitors in order to produce its effect. The same type of circuit is used in EHX’s popular Memory Man delay pedals. The circuit lends to an overall warmer tonality in the affected signal path.

The Eddy comes in a compact enclosure and sports an extensive range of controls. You can operate the pedal in either vibrato or chorus modes, both of which share the rest of the pedal’s parameter control knobs.


A shape knob lets you adjust an LFO to take the modulation from a standard sine wave to a more jarring, asymmetrical one. This can be paired with the rate knob to access fast wobbling tones or large ones that sweep around and give your playing some added movement.

There’s also an envelope knob to tie your picking attack to the rate or depth of the effect. This effectively lets you control the intensity of the effect as you play. It’s also possible to link the rate or depth controls to an expression pedal, if you prefer to have more control over the effect in real-time.

Other parameters include a volume control and a tone knob for tweaking the pedal’s output and tonality. In addition to a white bypass LED, there’s also a blue strobing LED to provide visual feedback on the pedal’s modulation rate and shape.

Check out a demo of the Eddy below:

The EHX Eddy is available now at $99.


Learn more at ehx.com 

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