EHX debuts stacked Mod 11 Modulator pedal

All the classics and more.

EHX has unveiled the Mod 11, a modulation pedal with 11 modes spanning classics like Tremolo, Vibrato and Univibe as well as more obscure choices like flangers and pitch-shifters.

A standout amongst the classics is Uni, a mode that lets you craft Univibe-style chorus and vibrato with added overdrive. Should you want chorus on its own, you can count on the Chorus mode for a warbling and doubling effect similar to EHX’s Small Clone.

The pedal’s more exotic options include Phase and Filt. The former lets you choose from a four-, six-, or eight-stage phaser, while the latter equips you with filter sounds inspired by classic analogue synths.


You can sculpt Mod 11’s sounds with a tap tempo function that is controlled either through an in-built footswitch or an external one. The pedal also comes with Momentary mode, a feature that lets you “switch in and out of effects mode” for a quick change of texture.

Controls on Mod 11 include four knobs – rate, colour, depth and mode select – as well as a Secondary Knob Mode. The latter is said to unlock “hidden” parameters and give you greater control over the pedal’s mod effects.

Here’s a rundown of the remaining seven modes:

  • Trem: Modulates your signal’s volume.
    • Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth.
  • Harm: Harmonic tremolo. Splits signal into high and low-frequency bands and modulates between the two.
    • Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth.
  • Vibr: A vibrato that modulates your instrument’s pitch.
    • Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth
  • Rotary: Rotary speaker cabinet simulation.
    • Extra functionality includes overdrive plus envelope control over rotation speed
  • Flange: Flanging with modes for both additive and subtractive flanger.
    • Has multiple LFO shapes, including envelope follower
  • TZF: Through Zero Flanger. A flanger effect that crosses through the “zero point” of the sweep where the modulated delayed signal meets with the dry signal.
    • Modes for both additive and subtractive flanger, plus barber-pole flanger
  • Pitch: Modulated pitch shifter. Select your main pitch shift and modulate around it.
    • Extra functionality includes a dry blend and stepped pitch modes

Hear Mod 11 in action below:

Lists at $150. For full details on the modulation modes, head over to