Tag: Modulation

Win! Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo, Overdrive and Ambient Delay

All three Expression stompboxes are up for grabs!

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller & Alpha Haunt Review

Can these Oklahoma-built pedals live up to the promise of their out-there brand name and even more out-there product manuals?

Win! An Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess

Old Blood Noise Endeavors is the latest US boutique builder to burst onto the scene with some radical ideas about design, tone and, it seems, philosophy.

Deep Space Devices launches the Trigonaut

Although it’s a fuzz pedal at heart, the Trigonaut is capable of far more experimental sounds.
atlantic chorus carl martin pedal

Carl Martin releases the Atlantic Chorus

The “Level” knob is one of the chorus/vibrato pedal’s top selling points.

Win! An EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids stereo flanger!

If you're in the market for inspiring and eccentric effects pedals, you'd be hard pressed to find something better made by a manufacturer other than EarthQuaker Devices.

Boss releases DC-2W Dimension C, MT-2W Metal Zone

Two new pedals join the premium Waza Craft line-up.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches the Reflector Chorus V3

Explore a lush bounty of choral layers.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors reveal Reflector Chorus V3

Three years ago, Old Blood Noise Endeavors introduced the Reflector Chorus into the world. It combined pitch shifting, flanging and multi-voice chorus into one versatile box. Now we've refined those sounds and introduced a new reverb chorus mode for further adventures in chorusing.

Electro-Harmonix debuts the Mod Rex Polyrhythmic Modulator

It’s a utility pedal with modulation, tremolo, pan and filter sections.