Flower Pedals launches the Poppy Dual Boost

With some flexibility in its I/O, and heaps of boost.

Flower Pedals has announced the Poppy Dual Boost, a pedal that packs two slightly different clean boost pedals into a single enclosure: The white and red poppies.

The two sides have slightly different controls and different circuit topologies. The Red Poppy is the same opamp based boost circuit from Flower Pedals’ mini Poppy pedal. It has three controls: Boost, Tone, and Bump. Boost and tone do what you’d expect, while the Bump introduces a hump in the EQ curve – boosting a certain area of frequency, which is set by the tone control.

The White Poppy is a newly-designed circuit, making use of JFET transistors and a Baxandall tone circuit for a more tube amp-like tonal quality. The White Poppy’s controls are the straightforward arrangement of Boost, Treble and Bass.

The pedal also notably features extra in and out jacks, allowing you to run pedals in between the two sides – for example, using one side to get more gain out of drive pedals, and the other as a clean volume boost for solos. And For maximum clean headroom, the pedal transforms its standard 9V power supply up to 18V.

You can hear the pedal in action below with Flower Pedals’ demo video.

The pedal lists for $199 – find out more over at flower-pedals.com.

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