French guitar shop lists stunning vintage collection of Wandrés on Reverb

With over seventy unique painted guitars, each valued at a few thousand euro.

Two Wandré Guitars

Just two of the many unique Wandrés in the collection. Images:

French guitar seller Guitare Collection has listed an incredible collection of vintage Wandrés on music retail website Reverb.

The guitars were built by Italian luthier Antonio Vandrè Pioli, and acquired by Guitare Collection owner Daniel Zeiller. He told Reverb just how long he spent collecting Wandrés: “I have built this collection over nearly 50 years. I bought my first Wandré when I was just 18 years old. At the end of the 1960s, it was in flea markets that you had to go to find them. No one wanted these guitars, but I did. I caught the virus and kept looking for it and buying it.”

Reverb also asked Zeiller what his favourite guitar in the collection is: “I have a lot of them but I think the one I like best, because it’s the rarest, is the Bikini. There are also the hand-painted models. Wandre was friends with Brigitte Bardot and Salvador Dalí—if you compare the signatures, it makes you wonder where Antonio Wandre learned to paint.”

Take a look at some of the guitars at this gallery at, and if you have a few thousand euro going spare, or just want to browse, take a look at the collection’s storefront.

If you like the look of these off-kilter guitars, be sure to check out our close look at Gary Gand’s Wandré here.

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