Jam Pedals and That Pedal Show launch their collaborative harmonic tremolo, the Harmonious Monk

Time for some subtle harmonic wobble.

Jam Pedals and That Pedal Show have launched the Harmonious Monk, a harmonic tremolo with a few extra tweaks made to the format.

The pedal features two toggle switches, two footswitches and four knobs. The rightmost footswitch engages the pedal, while the leftmost footswitch doubles the tremolo’s speed – there’s a second dedicated LED light to let you know when it’s in double-speed mode.

The topmost toggle switch chooses between two different waveform shapes for the tremolo – ‘+’ and ‘-’, with the first being a more aggressive wave, while the second is smoother. ‘+’ is also able to get into stuttering territory at higher depth settings.

The four knobs control depth, speed and dry/wet mix of the tremolo effect. The fourth is a level control, which is able to take your signal above or below unity gain so the pedal can integrate easily into your rig.

Finally, the lower toggle switch chooses between amplitude tremolo and the harmonic tremolo. The difference between these two is that amplitude tremolo is more traditional, modulating your guitar’s volume directly according to the wave – while harmonic tremolo, as its name suggests, affects your signal’s harmonic content along with its volume. The result is somewhere between traditional tremolo and phaser-like modulation.

Dan and Mick, co-hosts of That Pedal Show, said of the choice of effect: “We have a deep love for the harmonic tremolo’s unique modulation character: a little bit phase-y and a little bit pulsing. It can add a complete, enveloping texture over your whole guitar tone, or sit more subtly as a fantastic ‘widening’ effect either straight mono or in a wet/dry rig.”

Hear it in action with TPS’ launch video below.

The pedal’s first batch is available today via thatpedalshowstore.com, with the second arriving late December/early-January via thatpedalshowstore.com, Andertons (UK), Pedal Empire (AUS) and through Jam Pedals’ mailing list. The third will launch towards the end of January 2021. The pedal lists for €249, with the first batch’s sale kicking off at 9 PM UK time today (11 December).

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