Joe Bonamassa says one of his Fender Custom Shop Nocasters has been stolen in transit

Bonamassa surmises the instrument has been stolen.

Joe Bonamassa's Fener Nocaster recreation


One of the review units for Joe Bonamassa’s new Fender Custom Shop Nocaster has gone missing – possibly stolen – during transit.

Bonamassa took to Instagram on Monday (17 May) to issue a statement on the missing instrument, which had been on its way to the Guitar World office for review. Announced last month, the limited-edition guitar is a detailed Custom Shop recreation of the bluesman’s ‘51 Nocaster.

“Just off the phone with [a] very nice representative from Fedex,” he wrote. “So basically, what they are saying is that my guitar is MIA within their system without recourse nor hope of a solution.”

“I will try not to play detective here… but I would surmise that it was stolen probably by someone who had access to the truck or the distribution facility,” Bonamassa continued. “To be honest, a 23-pound guitar box does not just disappear that easily with or without a tracking number.”

Bonamassa also requested that anyone who might come across the instrument return it to him: “If you see a [serial number: JB 006] Fender Custom Shop Nocaster for sale or hanging around, it is stolen and I would like it returned. This is the first guitar I have had stolen in 31 years of collecting. If you are shipping anything of value please avoid Fedex at all costs. I can’t stress this enough.”

The guitar will be available in a small run of 100 pieces, retailing for $8,500 each. You can reserve yours exclusively through Joe Bonamassa’s online store.

The case of the missing Nocaster brings to mind last November’s incident involving Adam Jones from Tool’s signature Gibson Les Paul Custom. Thieves made off with 13 of the guitars – valued close to $95,000 – while they were being transported to Sweetwater’s headquarters in Fort Wayne.


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