Watch: Keeley’s DDR packs drive, delay and reverb into a compact unit

One pedal, three effects.

Back at NAMM 2019, Keeley lifted the lid on a couple of unique stompers. And the most versatile of the lot, the DDR, is now available. Stocked with drive, delay and reverb effects, this pedal has been branded as the “the only pedal you’ll need”.

The DDR features two main channels, drive and wet, with each section bringing something different to the table. Here are the details:

Drive channel

The DDR’s drive section sports a toggle switch that lets you select from two flavours of overdrive: lead and crunch. The former is an OD tone reminiscent of a British tube combo, while the latter is designed to deliver a dark and mushier overdrive tone. As for controls, you have level, tone and drive knobs to tinker with.

Wet channel

This channel has two effects: reverb and delay. And each effect – you can only select one at a time – has two modes, vintage and modern. The various combinations are detailed below:

  • Reverb, Vintage mode: Spring reverb
  • Reverb, Modern mode: Plate reverb
  • Delay, Vintage mode: Analogue delay
  • Delay, Modern mode: Digital delay

Similar to the drive section, the wet channel boasts a three-knob layout: blend, decay and time. Rounding out the DDR’s features is a built-in effects loop, which enables you to drop in effects between both drive and wet channels, catering for more sonic options.

Retails at $179. More info at


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