Kemper’s Power Kabinet is a powered monitoring solution for all Kemper Profilers

It has a 200-watt power amp, Kemper Kone and a built-in stand for slanted setups.

Kemper Power Kabinet

Image: Kemper

Kemper has launched the Power Kabinet, a monitoring solution that accommodates unpowered versions of the brand’s acclaimed Profiler amps.

The Power Kabinet features a 200-watt power amp and a built-in stand which can be set up at a slanted angle.

Like the Kemper Kabinet that launched last year, the Power Kabinet is equipped with the Kemper Kone, a 12-inch full-range speaker designed in collaboration with Celestion. It offers a selection of 19 classic speaker imprints.

The Power Kabinet also offers an ultra-linear full-range mode, which is said to carry “a distinct guitar speaker character” unlike your typical PA or monitor speaker. On top of that, there are also “sweetening” and “directivity” parameters. The latter is said to help you make “location-dependent” adjustments.

One way to take advantage of the Power Kabinet’s onboard power amp would be to pair it with the Profiler Stage, a floor unit version of the Profiler, for an especially condensed gigging rig. We reviewed the the Profiler Stage in 2019 and said, “It’s nigh-on impossible not to stumble upon a sound that will inspire you.”

The Kemper Power Kabinet is available at £500/€689/$789 and comes with a power cord and dust cover.

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