Magnetic Effects launches the Electrochop, a modern take on the optical tremolo

Introduce some wobble into your tone.

Magnetic Effects has launched the Electrochop, an optical tremolo pedal that offers a host of modulation options.

The pedals’ core controls on offer are volume, speed and depth, which allow for fine control over the tremolo’s shape. The speed knob does allow for quite a range of speeds, but to unlock the pedal’s full potential in this aspect you can connect an external tap tempo pedal.

Two selector switches choose between five different waveform options and a variety of different quarter-note divisions for even more variance in speed. The white button in the centre of the control cluster engages an alternate version of the current waveform. To quickly keep track of what the pedal is up to, the LED pulses in time with the effect, whether it’s on or off. To indicate whether its bypassed or not the LED changes colour.


Hear the Electrochop in action in Magnetic Effect’s demo below:

The Electrochop lists for £125. More information at