New MXR Wylde Audio Series pedals celebrate 20 years of partnership with Zakk Wylde

“This is definitely all the ingredients I needed to make the soup,” Wylde says of the release.

Dunlop has announced the new MXR Wylde Audio Series pedals to commemorate 20 years of partnership with guitar legend Zakk Wylde.

The series comprises five of the hard rocking heavy metal master’s favourite effects for “sowing musical mayhem”, as MXR calls it. Out of the five stompboxes, new-look versions of the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive, Chorus and Phase pedals have been released and are now available for pre-order.

MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive

Custom built for Zakk’s loud, tough, and relentless riffs and leads, the Wylde Audio Overdrive will transform your amp into a heavy, chunky crunch machine. With a simple Output, Tone, and Gain control layout, setup is fast and easy so that you can concentrate on the important business at hand—kicking major sonic ass.

According to MXR, “Zakk likes to stick it in front of a dirty amp and kick into full-on screaming lead tones with sustain that lasts for days.”

The pedal is priced at $129.

MXR Wylde Audio Chorus

The Wylde Audio Chorus is Zakk’s secret weapon for thickening up walls of distortion and adding liquid dimension to clean passages. At the heart of the pedal is its bucket-brigade circuitry for rich vintage-style analog tones, which can be dialled in with High and Low cut filters and Level, Rate, and Depth controls. For the ultimate in spatial chorusing, hook up two amps via the two outputs for a wide and sweeping stereo spread.

The pedal is priced at $149.

MXR Wylde Audio Phase

Finally, the Wylde Audio Phase adds dimension and dynamics to Zakk’s legendarily blazing solos and razor sharp leads—all with the twist of a single Rate knob. Take it from a slow grind to a jack hammering pulse, or use it as Zakk does, at the 9 o’clock position for a slow burning sweep.

The pedal is priced at $119.

“They’ve been on my pedalboard forever. This is definitely all the ingredients I needed to make the soup.” Wylde says of the launch. “Whether it’s a Black Label or an Ozzy soup and now I’m doing with Pantera…”

Rounding up the series, we have the MXR Wylde Audio Rotovibe for further texturing and the custom Wylde Audio Cry Baby Wah to make your guitar wail with abandon.

More details available at jimdunlop.

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