MXR’s new Custom Shop Hybrid Fuzz pedal is a tone monster underneath its trippy skin

Offering silicon and germanium sounds on just a single knob.

Looking for a new fuzzy member to add to your arsenal of pedals? MXR’s latest Custom Shop Hybrid Fuzz might just be the answer.

Combining the snarling, high-gain aggression of a silicon transistor and the smooth, shaggy warmth of a germanium transistor into a single circuit, the Hybrid Fuzz delivers a broad range of Fuzz Face Distortion tones with just Output and Fuzz controls.

From searing ‘60s psychedelica to grinding high-desert riffage, the Hybrid Fuzz is tailored to a range of applications and scenarios. It’s also responsive to your guitar’s volume control, too, cleaning up nicely when you roll it back.

Design-wise, the pedal features a stunning finish courtesy of design studio One Horse Town. Certainly cool enough to spice up your pedalboard.

The MXR Hybrid Fuzz is available for preorder now at a price of $169.99. Shipping begins on 26 June.

In other news, Dunlop recently teamed up with Daredevil Pedals on the Cry Baby Daredevil Fuzz Wah, offering gritty fuzz in combo with the iconic Cry Baby Wah.

“The release of this fuzz wah is pretty much a full-circle moment,” said Daredevil’s Johnny Wator. “The whole beginning of my path as a pedal builder started with me and a Cry Baby pedal, taking it apart, and just seeing what’s in there and what I can do with it.”

Learn more at jimdunlop.com.

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