NAMM 2021: Red Panda announces the Bitmap 2, a bitcrusher for your pedalboard

Perfect for your video game cover band.

Red Panda BitMap 2

Image: Red Panda

NAMM 2021: Red Panda has announced the Bitmap 2, a versatile bitcrusher for your pedalboard.

Bitcrushing is an audio effect that creates distortion by reducing the resolution of digital audio signals. It isn’t the most commonly heard effect in the world of guitar pedals, but has been gaining popularity in recent years.

The Bitmap 2 lets you drop the fidelity of your guitar signal, with bit reduction from 24-bits down to 1-bit and sample rate reduction from 48 kHz down to 110 Hz.

Bolstering this are auxiliary functions that can be applied for a wide range of playing styles. There’s a mix control that lets you dial in the amount of effect in your signal, an envelope control that can be set to modulate the sampling rate or mix and a 4-pole low-pass filter that can also be linked to an external expression pedal.

The flexible parameters encourage sonic exploration, so helpfully the Bitmap 2 lets you save four presets on the device itself, or up to 127 with MIDI. There’s also tap tempo for syncing your performance up with other players and, according to Red Panda, some hidden parameters accessible through a web-based editor.

Watch Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos give an in-depth demonstration of the Bitmap 2 below:

The Red Panda Bitmap 2 retails for $299 and starts shipping in February.

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