Neural DSP launches Archetype: Rabea plug-in with a very unique subtractive monosynth

Neural DSP describes the plug-in as its most versatile yet.

Neural DSP Archetype: Rabea

Image: Neural DSP

Neural DSP has partnered with Rabea Massaad on the latest and “most versatile” entry plug-in of its Archetype plug-in series.

Massaad is best-known for his incredibly popular YouTube channel, which shares instructional and informational content on playing, performing, and gear.

Archetype: Rabea aims to reflect the guitarist’s eclectic approach to gear, offering “vintage and modern takes on key processors that are critical parts of his sound”

Options include three amps; nine pedals; a variety of virtual cabinets; mic placements, and IRs.

The star of the show, however, appears to be the Overlord Synth, described as an ‘industry-first’ subtractive dual-oscillator monosynth which is triggered by guitar signals.

“Others have tried to create guitar-synth interfaces but none have truly succeeded – until now,” says Francisco Cresp, Neural DSP’s Co-Founder and CPO.

“The challenge was to make a synth that works with any guitar. Your guitar signal becomes your ADSR, which triggers real oscillators. After that, your signal is a synthesizer with all the controls and flexibility one would expect from it. It’s transformative.”

The plug-in further introduces an “entirely new reverb pedal” that can freeze sounds and adjust their pitch and volume. “If you freeze a note or chord, it keeps playing in the background while still being processed by the reverb,” says Cresp.

“It’s then a pad you can play over. You can even transpose it to create chord progressions or a bass line for improvisation or soloing. The delay is an analog delay emulation with cross-feed and icicles functions that give you all the dreamy delay sounds.”

There’s also a transposer, metronome and doubler, as well as a four-band semi-parametric EQ to round off the plug-in.

Archetype: Rabea is available today for €139.

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