Check out this prototype of an EBow alternative, which hits multiple strings at once

Sound artist Victoria Shen shared her creation on Twitter, and received eager responses for her to sell them.

Prototype built by Victoria Shen

Image: @EvicShen on Twitter

A prototype of a handheld contactless strummer created by sound artist Victoria Shen has received an impressive response online, with viewers calling for her to put the device on the market.

Shen shared a clip of her creation to Twitter yesterday (1 February) in a video which shows the device playing her seven-string guitar, and it sounds terrifically eerie.

The device is supposed to function as an alternative to the EBow, which Joyo Audio once put its own spin on too. In the caption of the post she wrote, “I made this handheld prototype for a contactless strummer which functions sort of like an EBow but it can hit multiple strings at once, has adjustable frequency, and is more immediately responsive.”

Check it out in action below:

Shen explained under one of the clips that the device works via spinning magnets to vibrate multiple strings at once. Users on the platform called the prototype “incredible”, with one stating they would “buy one in an instant”. Shen has already told users that shes in talks with companies to bring out a commercial version.

The EBow, a hand-held, battery-powered electronic bow for guitar, can be used replace the pick in the right hand letting the guitarist mimic strings, horns, and woodwinds with sensitivity.

The prototype isn’t the only innovation shared online by Shen, in 2021 she shared a video of her “Needle Nails”, which are able to play vinyl records, too:


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