Puzzle Effects launches Kickstarter campaign for its unique take on pedals

The modular units include a boost, delay and overdrive.

Puzzle Effects, the brand behind the rather unique modular effects concept we saw back in 2020, has launched a Kickstarter in order to bring its idea to market.

The pedals’ USP is hard to miss – the enclosures are shaped like puzzle pieces, and slot together to share power and pass audio along, saving on power and patch cables. The Kickstarter campaign has launched with three effects as part of the line: a booster, a delay and an overdrive.

The Rocket is a JFET-based clean boost pedal, with an active two-band EQ. The Submarine is a PT2399-based delay pedal, which uses a hybrid of digital and analogue to keep an analogue sound with the benefits of digital control. And finally the Buggy is an overdrive pedal focused on a dynamic, high-headroom sound, achieved by boosting the voltage internally to 18 volts.


All of the pedals feature true-bypass switching, and take a standard centre-negative pedal power adaptor. Their current draw is also quite low across the board, maxing out at 25mA for the Buggy. This means that there’s little risk of the pedals maxing out a power supply when they’re chained together.

With 26 days to go, the Kickstarter campaign is well on its way – having already raised €2,253 of an €18,000 goal. The Rocket lists for €159, the Buggy for €179 and the Submarine for €199.

Check out the pedals in action, and pre-order some for yourself over at the Kickstarter page.