The Quilter Labs Interbass shapes your bass’ FOH and recording tone

The pedal-sized interface is designed for quieter gigs and home recording.

Quilter Labs Interbass

Quilter Labs has released the Interbass, a portable amp-in-a-box designed to give you great bass tones when going direct to PAs or recording consoles. It achieves this with a preamp section, a small power amp, cab sims and EQ features.

The Interbass’ preamp section is based on the preamp used in Quilter Labs’ Bass Block amps. The latter is touted to have the “unmatched dynamic processing” of signal paths, according to the brand. The power amp, on the other hand, has the capacity to drive speakers to a volume suitable for practice and smaller gigs. You’ll also be able to select between three power amp settings:

  • 45 watts, 4 Ohms
  • 33 watts, 8 Ohms
  • 17 watts, 16 Ohms

Other notable features include a three-band EQ, active effects loop, an active/passive input switch as well as a headphone/line switch. The latter’s headphone option, in particular, turns Interbass into a headphone amplifier for quiet practice.

Rounding out the unit’s features is an FR/Vint switch that lets you select between two bass responses: a modern, full-range sound and a mellower, vintage option.

Retails at $249. More info at


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