Seafoam Pedals’ Harpoon OD helps your tone pierce through the mix

This mini stomper “cleans up or screams” depending on how you use it.

Seafoam Pedals is a boutique brand from Gulf Shores, Alabama that has produced an array of, well, seafoam green-coloured stompers. The company’s latest addition is the Harpoon, a mini overdrive pedal designed to help you punch through the mix with smooth, mid-focused gain.

The Harpoon is said to be “extremely touch-sensitive”, responding dynamically to your playing style. Depending on your touch, it can give you a cleaned-up sound or be used to make an amp “scream”. You can also tap on the pedal for up to +15dB of boost that’s shaped by internal voltage doubling and a console-quality preamp.

As for controls, you’ll find two knobs – level and drive – as well as a three-way range switch. The last of these functions like a tone knob by letting you select between these options: high-mids, narrow-mids, or low-mids.

Hear the Harpoon in action below:

Retails at $179. More info seafoampedals.com.

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