Sorry, flippers: Squier’s Cabronita Baritone Telecaster is here to stay

Along with the rest of the reissued 2020 Paranormal range.

Squier Baritones have gained a somewhat loathsome reputation in recent years. Not for their build quality or playability. If anything, it’s the opposite: they’re just really hard to come by.

Limited runs of extremely cool guitars creates fertile ground for flipping. However, the recent Squier Cabronita Baritone is set to avoid that fate, instead becoming part of the brand’s core line along with the rest of 2020’s Paranormal launch. The guitars are also getting some new colours to celebrate the occasion.

Take the limited-edition Squier Baritone Jazzmaster. At about $350 new, huge demand –primarily thanks to a particular band and the general resurgence of baritones – inflated used prices to more than $900. Whether that’s just market forces in action or unfair flippers looking to make a quick buck is down to your personal interpretation of economics.


Just before the relaunch of the 2020 Paranormal range, there was only one listing for the Paranormal Baritone Telecaster on, with an original asking price of £800. That’s a guitar that was made last year going for more than twice its original price.

Luckily for those in the market for them, the 2020 Paranormal range has been reintroduced as part of the standard line. They’re set to hit shelves in October. For a look at their new colours, see below. See full specs for the range here.