The Boss RC-600 is a new flagship model for the Loop Station series

The advanced looper introduces DJ-style effects and 200 built-in rhythms

Boss has introduced the RC-600, a new flagship model in its Loop Station series. With six stereo tracks for loops, DJ-style effects and smart display options, the pedal is touted to usher in “a new era of creative power” for looping musicians.

Players get access to six “studio quality” loop phrases, which can be used to record guitars, drum pads, microphones and more in crisp detail.

Information on the session is displayed with a large circular loop indicator to ensure you don’t lose your place during a performance. As well as this, there are also seven LCD screen variations offering visual feedback on the pedal’s operation.


The RC-600 Loop Station shoots for flexibility with its nine assignable footswitches, three pedal modes and external controller support, giving players the means to customise the operation of the pedal to suit their needs. This means you could connect external footswitches or expression pedals to manipulate your sound.

In the effects domain, the RC-600 provides 49 input effects and 53 track effects types. They span ones taken from Boss wide effects library to “DJ-style” effects such as Beat Scatter, Vinyl Flick and more. When run in combination, the effects could add a lot of spice and polish to a performance. It’s also possible to store banks – up to four input and track effects, each – for quick recall later.

The RC-600 also includes more than 200 built-in rhythms covering genres from rock and pop to jazz and electronica. For a better idea of what the RC-600 is capable of, check out the demo video below.

The Boss RC-600 Loop Station will be available in the US this December at $599.99.

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