ZVEX announces limited run of clear-cased Fuzz Factory

Peek into the circuitry powering this popular dirt box.

ZVEX has released a limited run of Fuzz Factory Clear pedals featuring transparent enclosures crafted from a durable Lexan material.

The popular pedal’s hand-wired internals and five onboard controls have been retained. The five knobs – volume, comp, gate, drive and stab – let you shape the pedal’s fuzz character, which ranges from radical fuzz to intermodulating oscillations to a ripping velcro-like sound, according to ZVEX.

The clear-cased pedal is also accented with a blue LED on/off footswitch which should give your pedalboard an interesting glow.


The Fuzz Factory Clear is available for order until 22 May.

Watch Zachary Vex announce the pedal here:

Retails at $249. More info at zvex.com.