You can now get a see-through ZVEX Box Of Rock

The limited-edition pedal is housed in a Lexan enclosure.

Following the clear-cased Fuzz Factory pedals ZVEX released earlier this year, the brand has now given its popular Box Of Rock overdrives the same transparent enclosure.

Like the custom Fuzz Factory, the limited-edition Box Of Rock features a see-through Lexan enclosure. Its hand-soldered circuit is also shielded by Faraday cage wiring.

Otherwise, the transparent Box Of Rock retains its production-line specs. These include an emulation of a maxed-out 1966 Marshall JTM45 along with a boost the brand describes as high-headroom and low-noise. Its tone can be shaped by four controls: boost, volume, drive and tone.


Pre-orders are currently open and will close on 18 September. Each transparent Box Of Rock is priced at $269. More info at