Disturbed’s Dan Donegan has revealed his take on cancel culture with a custom guitar design

Disturbed are tackling cancel culture in a very subtle way.

Disturbed’s guitarist Dan Donegan has revealed his thoughts on cancel culture with a Schecter custom guitar design.

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In a post to Facebook on 6 July, which has since been removed, the guitarist posted several images of the controversial design that reads “Fuck cancel culture”, in a style that resembles the iconic Coca Cola logo.


Frontman David Draiman has shown his support for the guitarist’s new axe on Twitter stating that he “couldn’t be more proud” of his bandmate.

The fans in the comments appear to be divided over the message printed on the axe, with some praising the design such as one fan saying “I’d buy this and I don’t even play guitar. Nailed it!”, while another commenter stated “imagine being the frontman of a shitty nu metal band and thinking this is edgy”.

One fan even addressed their own perceptions about cancel culture: “Look- huge fan but cancel culture is a lie. I’m not a fan of Dan’s politics at all. But I love the band…These people claiming to be “cancelled” for saying shitty stuff didn’t get cancelled. Dave Chappelle got cancelled into four more Netflix specials worth millions. J.K Rowling got cancelled into a multi million dollar deal with WB.”

Disturbed are not the first band to speak out against cancel culture, after KISS frontman Paul Stanley called it “more dangerous that what it wants to cancel”.

Stanley, who is currently playing with KISS on their farewell tour, wrote on Twitter, “Day off and I find myself thinking ‘Cancel Culture’ is more dangerous than what it wants to cancel. Is censorship and silencing people okay if you believe you’re right?? That is a slope we’re already slipping down. You defeat lies with truth, not gags.”


Liam Gallagher even shared his thoughts earlier this year in May in an expletive-laden rant that reads, “Who the fuck are these people cancelling you, anyway? Like, fuck off.