The rumours were true: John Petrucci has launched his own guitar software company

Tonemission kicks off proceedings with the John Petrucci IR Collection: Vol. 1, a pack of impulse responses from Dream Theater guitarist’s signature rig.

We can confirm that last week’s rumours were true: John Petrucci is, indeed, launching his own guitar software brand.

Founded to promote “high-tech products that enable guitarists to share in his love and pursuit of amazing guitar tones”, Tonemission has kicked off proceedings with its first product, the John Petrucci IR Collection: Vol. 1.

This curated collection of impulse responses from Petrucci’s signature guitar rig was created with the intent to replicate the Dream Theater guitarist’s exact signal chain – “directly from the cabinet to the DAW”, as heard on his last three records: Terminal Velocity, Liquid Tension Experiment’s LTE3, and Dream Theater’s A View From The Top Of The World.

Priced at $79.99 – approx. £62 – the John Petrucci IR Collection: Vol. 1, Tonemission says, “marks not only access to John’s world-class guitar sound but also the first time impulse responses have been created that precisely match the exact sounds on the artist’s specific albums”.

The company adds that the IRs are “incredibly precise”, driven by a “multitude” of microphones and analog processing.

“I’m a tone freak,” Petrucci says. “I’ve always been obsessed with guitar and amplifier tone. This is my tone mission, and that’s the name of the new company that will bring the John Petrucci IR Collection: Vol. 1 impulse responses to the world: Tonemission.”

“For most of my career I’ve only known the world of physical guitar amplifiers and cabinets and admittedly, I scoffed a bit in the past at digital representations of these things,” he continues.

“However, with incredible advances in capture techniques and resolution being made over the past several years, I now find myself a believer and a user. The goal was to make these IRs available commercially and share them with other guitar players and creative people who I just knew would love them as much as I did.”

John Petrucci
Credit: Tonemission

Tonemission also lauds the “granularity” of the impulse responses available in the John Petrucci IR Collection: Vol. 1. It says you can utilise each individual microphone as a standalone sound, or create new blends to your liking by loading multiple different IRs.

A total of 34 IRs are available in six different resolutions: 44.1-kHz/16-bit; 44.1-kHz/24-bit; 48-kHz16-bit; 48-kHz/24-bit; 88.2-kHz/24-bit; and 96-kHz/24-bit .wav files.

“Music is all about sharing sound, and so am I,” adds Petrucci. “Almost every basic music instruction book includes the proverb ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’

“The John Petrucci IR Collection: Vol. 1 is the first step for Tonemission and me to bring what I’ve learned to the broadest user base possible. From there, they can find their own sonic visions.”

To learn more, head to Tonemission.

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