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Mattoverse unveils new modulation pedal

Mattoverse unveils new modulation pedal

Mattoverse Electronics has just added a new modulation pedal to its roster: the Inflection Point.

The stompbox—it works for guitars, basses and synths—is a vibrato/tremolo that’s versatile enough for sounds both mild and wild.

Choose either tremolo or vibrato mode, then select one of eight waveforms: sine, triangle, pulse, sweep, ramp up/down, or random pulse and slope. Besides the usual “Speed” and “Depth” knobs, the Inflection Point has tap tempo functionality to control the modulation speed. You can even pair an external source, via a sync input, to control the speed of the vibrato/tremolo.

The “Space” dial lets you add a touch of reverb for resonance and ambience, which complements the “Mix” knob. In tremolo mode, “Mix” determines the amount of pre-delay or ambience, while in vibrato mode it governs the balance between dry and vibrato/reverb. There’s an “Output” knob, too, that offers up to ten dB of volume boost.

Hear the Inflection Point here:

The Inflection Point retails for $199. For more info, check out mattoverse.com.