MOD Kits DIY launch Erratic Clutch Deluxe

Build your own fuzz/synth pedal.

MOD Kits DIY’s latest release, dubbed the Erratic Clutch Deluxe, is a fuzz divider that delivers square wave distortion as well as monophonic sub-octave square wave.

Both of these signals can be used separately, but when engaged together, can produce some other-worldly levels of fuzzy synth. With a difficulty rating of ‘5/5’ this build is ranked among the brand’s most difficult, so don’t attempt this one unless you have some prior DIY stompbox experience. That said, however, if assembled well, the Erratic Clutch Deluxe could make for an interesting addition to your pedalboard.

It has three control knobs—“Bias,” “Sub Squarewave” and “Squarewave”—which can also be pretty tricky. The former governs the initial fuzz stage of the pedal. The closer it is set to the center, the longer the note sustains and the more chaotic the tracking becomes. Turning the knob left or right however, dials down the sustain but makes note tracking more predictable. MOD Kits DIY recommends starting at the 12 o’clock position and tweaking it to find a sweet spot.

The “Squarewave” knob manages the square wave distortion while the “Sub Squarewave” knob handles sub-octave square wave. Finally, there’s also a three-way switch that toggles between sub-, standard square or both.

Lists for $69.95. More information at modkitsdiy.com.

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