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Morley introduces three new Mini pedals

Morley introduces three new Mini pedals

Measuring under seven inches in length and five inches in width, Morley’s three new Mini units are pint-sized versions of the brand’s popular wahs and volume pedals. But don’t let their proportions fool you. The Mini Maverick Switchless Wah, Mini Power Wah Volume and Mini Volume Plus are just as capable as their larger predecessors.

You can use the Mini Volume Plus in two ways: as a regular volume pedal, and to immediately jump between rhythm and searing lead volumes with the help of a footswitchable Minimum Volume Control.

As its name suggests, the Mini Maverick Switchless Wah doesn’t have a footswitch—just step on it to engage, and off to bypass. And like its bigger brother, this Mini features Morley’s electro-optical circuitry, meaning no pots to wear out.

Lastly, the Mini Power Wah Volume is a combination of the previous two, giving you access to both wah and volume capabilities at the same time.

Size aside, the only thing that differentiates the Mini pedals from their larger counterparts is, as the crafters put it, “glow-in-the-dark awesomeness.” Yep, the treadle rubber and toe-end logos will illuminate on a dim stage.

For more information, check out morleypedals.com.