EHX introduces the new MOP-D10 isolated 9V power supply

The sturdy unit connects to the wall with a three-prong kettle lead.


Image: Electro-Harmonix

Electro-Harmonix has introduced a new pedalboard power supply, entitled the MOP-D10. It features 10 9V outputs with a variety of current supplies.

The MOP-D10 is isolated, meaning each power supply has a separate ground connection. This stops noise such as digital clock-whine from leaking into your audio signal. Aptly enough, the MOP-D10 also sports several high-current outputs for powering hefty digital devices such. Alongside four 100mA 9V outputs, there’s also two 250mA, two 300mA, and two 400mA outputs.

Image: Electro-Harmonix

These should be more than enough for a few digital pedals such as Strymons, which often need a minimum of 250mA.

Alongside the supply itself, purchasing the MOP-D10 gets you a six-foot kettle lead – one that plugs straight into the unit, so no wall-based or inline transformers here – as well as ten two-foot DC cables for wiring up your board. You also get some brackets to mount it to your pedalboard of choice.

See more with EHX’s video below.

The MOP-D10 lists for $269. Find out more at

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