Haim release intimate new single Hallelujah

The song depicts their bond as sisters as they fight adversity

The LA-based trio Haim have released their third single of the year, Hallelujah, accompanied by a video from long-time collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson.

Co-written with Tobias Jesso Jr. and produced by the team of Ariel Rechtshaid, Rostam Batmanglij and Haim’s lead singer Danielle Haim, the song splits lead vocals between all three members of the band.

“To me it’s a song about relying on the people around you and reflecting on how different life could be if those people weren’t around,” Este Haim tweeted. The bass player, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 14, began writing the song after being the bearer of bad news from her endocrinologist. “Some diabetics go though what doctors call ‘diabetic burnout’ where the patient essentially stops taking care of themselves because it becomes too stressful, too time consuming, too frustrating to deal with day in and day out,” she revealed in a detailed statement. “At the time I was feeling like type 1 diabetes was a 24-hour job that I wasn’t allowed to clock out of.”


“I came home from the doctor super upset and frustrated and the only two people I felt comfortable enough to talk about it with were Danielle and Alana,” she said. “Sometimes it feels like they’re the only two people that truly understand me and support me when I feel like giving up. This song is for anyone struggling with chronic illness and the people around us who we truly rely on for help and guidance.”

“Hallelujah” follows the new singles “Now I’m in It” and “Summer Girl.” They yet to announce a third LP to follow Something To Tell You.