Premiere: Watch Joel Paterson’s rooftop performance of The Beatles’ Michelle

Guitarist Joel Paterson has released a video of his rooftop performance of the Beatles’ Michelle. You can watch it above.

The performance features Alex Hall on drums and Beau Sample on bass. The track is taken from Paterson’s album Let It Be Guitar! Joel Paterson Plays the Beatles, out now on Bloodshot Records.

Joel told about what inspired the new album, saying: “I wanted to make a record that Beatles fans, roots music lovers, and guitar enthusiasts might all enjoy. So there are a lot of little hidden references to all of the above sprinkled throughout the album. I tried to stay very true to the original Beatles melodies (and their vocal harmonies) for my instrumental guitar arrangements, but I played the songs in various genres to pay tribute to some of my favourite guitar players and vintage recording techniques.”


He also delved into the guitars he used on the record: “there are a lot of guitars used on the album, it’s hard to give a complete rundown of them, but most of the leads are played on my main gigging guitar: my 1956 Gibson ES-295 (All My Loving, And I Love Her, Michelle, Girl, Can’t Buy Me Love). I used a 1963 Fender Jazzmaster on a few tunes (From Me To You, If I Fell, Because), and a 1953 Gibson ES-350 on a couple (Things We Said Today, Honey Pie).

“Most of the harmony part overdubs were played on a Les Paul with P-90s, usually recorded through an old Fender reverb unit and an Echoplex EP-3 for delay. The pedal steel on “This Boy” is a 1970 Emmons, and the E9 tuning and technique were influenced by the great Buddy Emmons, and the arrangement evokes a little of Santo and Johnny’s Sleepwalk.”

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