Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic forms new band, and their album is here already

Krist Novoselic has teamed up with members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden to form new band, 3rd Secret

Do you by any chance remember seeing a now-deleted tweet from Krist Novoselic talking about finishing a record? Well, it’s here!

The former Nirvana bassist has teamed up with drummer Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden as well as guitarist Kim Thayil, also of Soundgarden. The new band, 3rd Secret, have already released their debut, self-titled album and you can stream it now.

The new grunge group also consists of guitarist Bubba Dupree of Void and singers Jillian Raye (who formed part of Novoselic’s group Giants In The Trees) and Jennifer Johnson.


The record hosts a healthy 11 tracks with a mighty seven minute finisher, The Yellow Dress. It’s moody, relatively dark and gives a very classic feel. You can have a listen below:

According to the credits, Jack Endino, who worked on Nirvana’s Bleach has mixed and co-produced the record alongside Novoselic, which may be where the album’s grungy, dark feel stems from.

Novoselic tends to keep quiet these days, but has released work with his band Giants In The Trees and has performed with Dave Grohl from time to time, who is currently taking time away from the stage alongside fellow band members from the Foo Fighters due to the loss of drummer Taylor Hawkins.

For Cameron and Thayil, this is their first body of work together since the loss of their fellow Soundgarden bandmate, Chris Cornell.

Whilst you can stream the new record ‘til your heart’s content on Spotify, it’s yet to exist in physical form and there is no official website for the band as of current.


There’s not much being given away on how the band came to be, or how its future will pan out for that matter. But we hope we get to see more from this grunge-icon supergroup.