Ritchie Blackmore appears more interested in his plague doctor’s hat than his new YouTube channel

“Welcome to my official YouTube channel, which I know nothing about and I'd like it to stay that way,” the 77-year-old guitarist said in a welcome video.

Ritchie Blackmore has launched his very own YouTube channel, and although he seems rather indifferent as to what it will be about, he’s sure it “will be titillating.”

The 77-year-old guitar legend announced his channel to the world on his Instagram account (apparently he’s had that set up before the YouTube channel) in a minute-long video earlier today (5 July).

“Welcome to my official YouTube channel, which I know nothing about and I’d like it to stay that way,” Blackmore said in the video. “This is where I’ll be sharing performance highlights and interviews from over the years – old… mostly old; very old and antiquated – and new material.”


“I don’t know what yet, because we haven’t done any,” he said of the upcoming content. “Make sure to subscribe; send lots of money so you don’t miss out on video releases, which I’m sure will be titillating.”

After seemingly getting the announcement out of the way, Blackmore went on to describe the uniquely historic headgear he had on – at least until the video cut off perfectly midway: “You’re probably wondering about my hat, this hat was worn by the doctors that worked in the plague, and they were… ” [sic].

Regardless of whether Blackmore is genuinely disinterested in the launch of his new channel, or if the neo-classical pioneer is merely dabbling with a form of gonzo comedy, it looks like we’ll have loads of entertainment to look forward to soon.

We’re hoping to see Blackmore’s any% Elden Ring speedrun. In the meantime, watch out, Robert and Toyah!