Bruce Springsteen releases recordings of legendary Passaic gig from 1978

Listen to Meeting Across The River here.

After 41 years, Bruce Springsteen’s team has finally released the recordings of his performance at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey from 1978.

Initially broadcast on to WNEW-FM New York and nine other Northeast stations, it was then rapidly pressed on to vinyl and sold nationwide as a bootleg via indie record shops, with the most famous bootleg being Piece De Resistance.

Finally, Springsteen and co have dug out the original multi-track tapes, remastered them and put them up for sale as part of his ongoing live archive series. This was the first of a three-night stand at the Capitol Theatre, following Springsteen’s debut show at Madison Square Garden the previous month.


Bruce Springsteen’s team has been directly selling official concert downloads to fans for the past five years. In that time they’ve touched on the majority of Springsteen’s eras with the notable exception of his work prior to 1975; the main problem being the absence of quality tapes from the era. New shows are released on the first Friday of every month.

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