Watch: Jack White gives a tour of his elaborate Three-Wheel-Motion Low Rider Tele

What started life as a B-bender Nashville Telecaster became so much more...

Fans of Jack White will know the penchant he has for customised guitar gear; now the White Stripes and Raconteurs frontman has given an in-depth video tour of his wildly elaborate Three-Wheel-Motion Low Rider Telecaster.

The highly customised guitar began its life as a Fender B-Bender Nashville Telecaster, before being radically transformed by master builder Chip Ellis and the Fender Custom Shop.

According to White, the guitar is a constant work in progress – though some appointments appear to stay locked in. This includes the killswitch in its control section and a trio of pickups: a single-coil lace sensor pickup in the bridge, a P-90 in the middle and a wide-range humbucker – culled from a Thinline Telecaster – in the neck.


Meanwhile, the guitar’s additional E bender gets removed in a later version – though it still has the original B-Bender, the aftermarket Hipshot G-bender and drop-D downshifter.

Earlier this September saw the launch of another wild piece of guitar gear involving White. The Triplegraph, a digital octave unit with morse-code telegraph keys, was designed in a collaboration between the musician’s Third Man Records and CopperSound Pedals.

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