Watch: Tenacious D visit Jack White’s Third Man Records for collaboration project

Consider the space-time continuum shattered.

Last week it was reported that Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D had begun working with the former White Stripes frontman, Jack White, on a collaborative project.

Announced by Jack Black at a show in Nashville following a chance encounter at Heathrow airport, Tenacious D have now posted footage of them being offered a tour of Third Man Records’ headquarters before heading to White’s home studio.

Speaking directly to camera, White jokes that “they’re actually not very nice guys; they’re actually really mean.”


Following footage of their recent Lollapalooza show, the band enter White’s studio at the 4:25 mark, before switching over to White’s personal studio to finish a previously written jam that Black and Gass had been working on.

No footage was shot while the band were at the studio, however Black did confirm that the song was recorded to eight-inch analogue tape.

The Raconteurs latest album, Help Us Stranger, was released in June. The fourth album from Tenacious D, Post-Apocalypto, was released in 2018.