Mythos Pedals releases the Positron Collider

Here’s a Big Muff-inspired fuzz pedal with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Mythos Pedals has released the Positron Collider, a Big Muff-style fuzz that packs a few unique appointments.

In an enclosure modelled on the Ghost Trap from Ghostbusters, the Positron Collider features both a silicon diode and an LED for clipping – just flick a switch to toggle between them. Elsewhere, you’ll find dials to manage the volume, gain, bass and treble.
Finally, engaging the “Total Protonic Reversal” footswitch boosts output levels and bypasses the tone stack, producing a full-range fuzz that, Mythos warns, can get ear-splittingly loud.

Hear the pedal in action here:

Pre-orders at $279. More information at mythospedals.com.

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