Pigtronix Germanium Gold Micro

The Philosopher’s Tone Germanium Gold Micro isn’t a compressor that wants to play nice. An update to Pigtronix’s popular compressor, this new edition has germanium diodes that let you dial in a layer of dirt to your tightened-up signal.

You can do that via the “Grit” knob, which governs the level of distortion in the mix. It’s a distortion with “smooth top end and rich midrange response,” according to Pigtronix. And with 18 volts of internal power, you can expect a bit of headroom with this stompbox.

The ‘clean’ side of the Germanium Gold Micro remains identical to Pigtronix’s original Philosopher’s Tone, with the same optical sustain engine at its heart. “Volume,” “Blend” and “Sustain” are your regular compression controls.

Hear it in action here:


The Philosopher’s Tone Germanium Gold Micro lists for $134. For more info, check out pigtronix.com.