Utility Knife Southampton

Southampton’s new Utility Knife Modulator pedal provides multiple tone ‘tools’ in a compact enclosure.

Diving right into its features, this stompbox offers four modulation effects, accessible via a rotary knob: flanger, chorus, tremolo, and a six-stage phaser. There are only three other knobs to tinker with: “Rate,” “Depth” and “Volume.”

The “Flange” mode provides an airy feel to a slow lick, while the “Chorus” mode gives the same movement a lush treatment. The “Tremolo” is no pushover, either, capable of going from soft and subtle to choppy and in-your-face. Finally, the six-stage phaser serves up some syrupy goodness, with an added emphasis on the midrange so you don’t get lost in the mix.

The Utility Knife Modulator lists for $215. More information at southamptonpedals.com.