Supro’s new amp sounds as good as it looks

The 1696RT Black Magick Reverb is an all-tube beast that adds more features to the vintage Supro amp used by Jimmy Page.

Supro has thrown the curtains off another retrolicious guitar amplifier: the 1696RT Black Magick Reverb. It’s based on the brand’s existing Black Magick model—which in turn is a re-creation of Jimmy Page’s vintage Supro amp—but with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Features-wise, the 25-watt Black Magick Reverb adds an all-tube reverb, two-band equalizer (via “Treble” and “Bass” controls) and a “Master Volume” knob to the original Black Magick. The footswitchable reverb is the star of the show—it’s a six-spring ’verb pan that’s driven by both channels on the amp, then summed with the dry signal before it hits the master volume.

The Black Magick Reverb also sports an upgraded tremolo effect. It now has double the speed range of the non-reverb model, thanks to a new tube-based LFO circuit.

Supro Black Magick Reverb Combo
The combo version of the Black Magick Reverb

Besides those changes, the amp packs the same specs as its forebear. It has two independent preamp channels—Supro added more gain in this model—that can be linked together, and uses 12AX7s, 12AT7s and 6973 tubes. And not to mention the vintage-inspired Tolex shell and aesthetics.

The Black Magick Reverb is available as a head or a 1×12-inch combo, with a custom-designed Supro BD12 speaker.

Listen to the amp here:

The Black Magick Reverb lists for $1,299 (head) and $1,499 (combo). For more info, check out suprousa.com.

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