TC Electronic’s new Aeon gives you infinite sustain

The handheld device is the Danish company’s answer to the EBow.

TC electronic

TC Electronic has just unveiled the Aeon, its take on the device venerated by ambient guitarists everywhere: the EBow.

This handheld sustainer excites your strings via a magnetic field, creating anything from slow volume swells to artificial feedback to orchestral effects.

And it’s easy to use, too. There’s only one button on the device, so hit that and position the Aeon just above your pickups, floating over a string. The custom-made transducers will force the string to vibrate endlessly, yielding a clean, pure sustained tone without any attack or decay. Hold, wave, spin and adjust the distance between the device and the pickup to unlock an otherworldly palette of sounds.

The Aeon is powered by a nine-volt battery, and automatically switches off after eight minutes of inactivity. A brushed aluminum enclosure protects the device while ensuring that the Aeon looks as cool as it sounds.

Watch the demo video here:

The Aeon retails for $69.96, and is expected to drop in mid-2018. For more information, check out


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