TC Electronic

TC Electronic launches the Plethora X5 multi-effects pedal

Loaded with presets and futuristic features, such as wireless TonePrint connectivity.

Review: TC Electronic Flashback 2 Mini & Hall of Fame 2 Mini

If you thought TC’s TonePrint tech for loading new sounds via your guitar was ingenious, prepare to be blown away by the twist in its latest delay and reverb.

TC Electronic releases the Hall of Fame 2 Mini and Flashback 2 Mini

The two mini pedals are the first to feature MASH switches.

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TC Electronic teases new Toneprint Pedalboard

A Facebook post suggests something big is in the works.

TC Electronic upgrades the Hall Of Fame 2 into an X4 version

The larger iteration of the reverb pedal boasts four MASH footswitches, new Shimmer option.

TC Electronic expands Flashback line with new 2 X4 delay pedal

Featuring MASH footswitches and new algorithms.

How to make basic intonation adjustments

Unable to play in tune across the neck? This quick fix should help.

TC Electronic adds Polytune 3 Mini and 3 Noir to its tuner range

These two stylish tuners will occupy less space on your pedalboard.