Watch: Funk legend Nile Rodgers plays travel guitar from boutique UK builder

The Chic co-founder lays down some chops with a Traxe Solo made by Snap Dragon guitars.

Synonymous for his sweet and precise Stratocaster tone and near-perfect right-hand rhythm technique, Nile Rodgers is famous the world over for his work with multi-platinum band Chic, amongst other projects.

Currently on tour with the aforementioned Chic, Nile took some time out during soundcheck to play in his guitar tech’s newly acquired travel guitar, and the results are glorious. The guitar used by Nile in the footage posted to Facebook is the Traxe Solo which made by Essex-based UK boutique travel guitar manufacturer Snap Dragon guitars, which was featured recently on

The company claims to make no-compromise travel instruments, offering four electric models alongside acoustic and bass variations. Judging by the exquisite jazz sounds Nile is able to coax from the six-string, we’d say it’s successful in that claim.

See the video in full below:

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