ZVEX Effects’ Fuzz Factory now comes in a silicon version

The iconic boutique fuzz box now comes in a silicon, vertical version.

While the battle rages on between the merits of germanium versus silicon(e) fuzzes, ZVEX Effects has done the smart thing and gone for both. The boutique maker is now deploying silicon transistors into a new, vertical version of its popular Fuzz Factory, which had used germanium transistors since its inception.

But don’t worry, folks. The original pedal is still gonna be around—the Silicon Fuzz Factory is just another version of the fuzz box. The main reason for this change is, as ZVEX says, to provide “temperature stabilization.” Germanium chips tend to overheat and alter your tone, so with this silicon version, you can use the pedals on hot stages and under burning lights without fear.

Everything else on this must-have fuzz box remains the same, assures ZVEX, down to the “classic texture of the original germanium Fuzz Factory.”


Check out ZVEX’s intro video for the new pedal here:

The Silicon Fuzz Factory lists for $229. For more information, check out zvex.com.