Home News Gear ZVEX Effects releases the ’59 Sound Vertical

ZVEX Effects releases the ’59 Sound Vertical

ZVEX Effects releases the ’59 Sound Vertical

Following the release of the vertical versions of the Fuzz Factory and Box of Rock, ZVEX Effects has done the same with the ’59 Sound. The ’59 Sound Vertical is an overdrive that debuted with a ‘landscape’ orientation, but has now earned itself a fresh, vertical format.

The overdrive pedal promises to accurately deliver the tones of the iconic Fender 1959 Bassman amplifier, known for creamy, rich tones and superb cleans. With a ‘portrait’ orientation that’s common to most pedals, the ’59 Sound Vertical not only fits better on your pedalboard, but is also more user-friendly—no more messing up your control knob settings while fumbling with footswitches.

As with its predecessor, the ’59 Sound Vertical features “Boost,” “Volume,” “Tone” and “Drive” knobs, as well as a “Boost” footswitch to take things to 11. In the new format, however, the footswitches have been moved closer. So if you’ve got big feet, you better watch your step.

The ’59 Sound Vertical lists for $219. For more information, check out zvex.com.