Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tag: Distortion

Solid Gold FX adds a wah-like filter to its 76 Fuzz...

The octave fuzz has been expanded into a double-pedal.

Review: ThorpyFX Heavy Water

Based on the boosting side of The Dane overdrive/booster pedal, ThorpyFX’s latest bombproof box is compact in size, but still lets you give ’em both barrels.

13 best boost pedals to buy in 2019

Whether you use it to tickle your tone or send an amp into overdrive, boost stompboxes are invaluable tools in any guitarist's rig.

Review: Redbeard Effects Red Mist Mk IV

When Skindred guitarist Mikey Demus teams up with ThorpyFX to design his own distortion pedal, you know it’s going to be rocking… and a bit clever.

JAM pedals joins two overdrives together to create the Double Dreamer

Twice the overdrive options at your feet.

Hudson Electronics reveals Ariel Posen’s signature preamp pedal, the Broadcast-AP

Ariel Posen teamed up with the manufacturer to design a signature version of the preamp.

MXR’s Brown Acid Fuzz is now available

Get ready to tune low and play slow.

The Saturator is the latest DIY overdrive from Mod Kits

Time to dig out the soldering iron.

Review: Walrus Audio EB-10

The Defcon4 EQ/boost pedal returns rebranded, with some of the proceeds heading to charitable causes.

STL Tones reveals the Revenant preamp pedal

The pedal-sized preamp marks the company’s first hardware product.

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