Friday, October 18, 2019


Victory reveals V30 The Countess, VX100 Super Kraken

Victory has unveiled new two new amplifiers for 2018; the V30 The Countess MkII and the VX100 The Super Kraken. Here's all you need to know from Victory…
Yamaha PAC612VIIFM in Indigo Blue

Yamaha announces limited run of Pacifica 612VIIFM

Get your credit cards ready—only 100 pieces are available in the US.
JAM pedals Eureka!

JAM rolls out Eureka! Fuzz pedal

Achieve both Muff-style and germanium fuzz tones with the stompbox.

Ol’ reliable Fulltone Full-Drive 2 gets rebooted

The Full-Drive 2 V2 may be smaller, but it’s every bit as awesome as its predecessors.

NEXI launches acoustic pedalboard package

The NEXI Acoustic set brings plug-and-play simplicity to acoustic players.

15 best guitars, pedals and amps of Summer NAMM 2018

The three glorious, guitar-filled days of the show are over—here are the 15 best new products that caught our eye.

Fender unveils new California Series acoustics and ukulele colorways

The California Series welcomes 12-string and bass models, while the California Coast Series ukuleles get fresh coats of paint.

Gretsch reveals the Malcolm Young Signature Jet

The brand pays homage to the late AC/DC guitarist with a new Gretsch Jet: the G6131T-MY.

Aclam launches Cinnamon Drive overdrive

It’s all about old-school rock ’n’ roll tones.

Washburn launches second Michael Sweet Parallaxe-V

Fans of the Styper frontman now have a more affordable signature instrument to lay their hands on.

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