Is the Epiphone Coronet about to make a serious comeback?

Online leaks suggest the Epiphone Coronet, a new Riviera, a Nancy Wilson signature and a slew of other models are about to drop.

Epiphone launches Joe Bonamassa “Black Beauty” Les Paul Custom

The guitar is based on Bonamassa's own 1958 Gibson "Black Beauty" Les Paul Custom.

Gibson opposes Collings’ headstock trademark registration, citing a “likelihood of confusion”

Gibson claims the headstock shape trademark, which Collings filed for last year, will “impair the distinctiveness” of three of its own trademarks.

Jared James Nichols to host the Blues Power Hour every Tuesday

Being broadcast across Gibson and Epiphone’s Instagrams.

GibsonTV launches a daily Epiphone giveaway

Epiphone Guitar Giveaway Of The Day will be hosted by Mark Agnesi

Tired of having your pedals down on the floor? Meet the Fuzz Beast

One of the boldest modifications out there...