Strymon announces the NightSky, a “reverberant synthesis workstation”

The stompbox combines a reverb core with deep analogue-synth inspired features.

Strymon’s new space-themed pedal has a name: NightSky

We now know it has a step sequencer, texture control and hold function.

Strymon teases a new space-themed pedal

The reveal is slated for this Wednesday, 17 September 2020.

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Strymon unveils The Compadre, a dual voice compressor and boost

The Californian device builders make their return to Compression, following the discontinuation of their flagship OB-1.

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Strymon’s first-ever pedal, the OB.1, has been discontinued

“Thanks again to all our OB.1 customers and fans out there for helping make our first ever pedal a success.”

Review: Strymon Iridium

This pedalboard-friendly amp and cab simulator might be the perfect solution for the modern guitarist.

Strymon’s new pedal is the Iridium floor-based amp modeller and cab sim

An image of the Iridium has been leaked courtesy of Instagram user @geartalk.